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Liona Jupolli

Symbolic Camera

I made my Symbolic Camera out of two plastic bottles, clingfilm and some sellotape to represent the translucent feeling at the moment of synchronicity.  It is like looking through a transparent camera, when two events join in that one moment in time. When the event happens, in the example of a thought or a dream, and it manifests into reality, a blend of the inner and outer. Much like this camera what you can see inside it, you can also take a picture of. 


Why is it important?
Featured Work

Synchronicity as a phenomena has happened throughout human history, as reflected in ancient forms of tarot and general esoteric. It is so integral to the natural way of life that the fact that it had to be explained by Carl Jung within Western society reveals why it is important today.


In the 21st century, two events that are seemingly connected are dismissed as coincidence - something like needing to pay a bill and finding the exact amount of money on the street, or thinking about an old friend who you haven't heard of in a while, only to bump into them the same day. It is either the idea of God or Science that governed chance events, but the fact that we can manipulate and create our own brought optimism for Jung in the disenchanted West, it was the enactment of Cartesian Philosophy 'I think therefore I am'. 


The fact remains that in most academic institutions today Jung is not even taught within the field of Psychology, for the reprisal that his views do not contribute to the 'science' of mind. Does this leave us far from the very world that Jung was trying to explain? Do we need to be taught again? My film hopes to bring these issues to light.

“Because the eye gazes but can catch no glimpse of it, It is called elusive. Because the ear listens but cannot hear it, It is called the rarefied. Because the hand feels for it but cannot find it, It is called the infinitesimal. … These are called the shapeless shapes, Forms without form, Vague semblances. Go towards them, and you can see no front; Go after them, and you see no rear.” - C J Jung

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